Dear Off-Campus Student Housing, my name is Denee D., former tenant of WPM. I, along with three others rented 20th and Cecil B Moore. When I moved in, I complained about unsanitary conditions such as mice, mice droppings, and roaches. The situation was contained and nearly eliminated in a timely fashion. Mr. Bullard fulfilled his contract and almost completely eradicated the problem, providing mouse traps, steel wool and services from an exterminator. The apartment returned to sanitary conditions. Mr. Bullard a good person, friendly and charismatic; also he greatly invested in his property. He showed compassion to myself and goes beyond his normal duties. He makes himself available to his tenants and can always be reached in times of need and he is always seen around his property making improvements. Thank You

Denee(junior class)
19xx Cecil B Moore

WPM was my landlord for my last two years at Temple University. As a landlord he was very aware and understanding of the needs of his student renters. As a female student living in my apartment alone I felt secure and safe. He took the necessary security precautions to keep the building safe as well as was often present to check on things. He is a great landlord, especially for those who are just getting their first apartment and are new to the process.

13xx N 17th

Saved from Hurricane Sandy
It was the night of Hurricane Sandy and I locked myself out of my apartment Watchmenpm sent one of their guys to open the door at 11pm at night so I could go and be home with my family during the storm

Kelly(junior class)
1426 Willington